Academic and Commercial Research

Esmé has experience of conducting lived experience dementia research, and in particular. recent research into the use of wearable technology and both the use and development of assistive technologies. Her research interests also include occupational therapy, healthcare education, older people's mental health, outdoor therapies and connectedness with nature.

Esmé is able to provide expert dementia opinion to support the development of research bids, and to work collaboratively with research partners to undertake and disseminate research as needed.


Recent research projects..........

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‘Developing in the Open’ ‘dito’ project, Centre for Intelligent Healthcare, Coventry University  This project sought to implement an open-source software approach to developing an eObs application. This provides a support system to support timely identification of patients at risk of deterioration and subsequent rapid response processes. My role involved undertaking systematic reviews, the creation of marketing materials and coordinating idea-sharing events.

The lived experience of using safer walking technology – supporting meaningful occupation and identity for people with early-stage dementia. PhD Research Thesis. With a qualitative research design, this research incorporated interpretative phenomenological analysis of participant data, reflexive research strategies and a published systematic literature review. There was an emphasis on promoting the voice of people living with dementia, including meaningful co-design with a collaborative stakeholder group of older people and people with dementia, and online video based participant recruitment.

Online Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Research Project entitled “Core Principals of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture” This was conducted collaboratively between Coventry University and #OTalk using social media to collect data from a range of professionals.